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TWI's software is backed by industry experts on welding and joining, structural integrity and asset management.

Welding Software

TWI's welding software suite covers all aspects of fabrication and welding control. It includes programs for welding procedures, welder qualifications, production welding control and NDE reports. Code rules from ASME Section IX, AWS D1.1, European codes (PED) and construction codes such as ASME III and ASME B31.1 ensure that the software is code-intelligent and gives you maximum return on your investment.

Integrity Management Software:


CrackWISE® is an industry-standard program for fracture analysis of pipelines, pressure equipment and structures. It automates the fracture and fatigue assessment procedures of BS 7910:2013.


RiskWISE® is a bespoke, code-compliant software package developed by TWI to be capable of processing the large amount of data involved in conducting an Risk Based Inspection (RBI). Built on our collective expertise in the power, petrochemical and oil and gas industries, RiskWISE can be customised for each Member company’s individual needs and effectively optimises plant inspection and maintenance.

TWI has developed IntegriWISE™, API 579/ASME FFS-1 compliant Fitness-for-Service(FFS) assessment software, for evaluating the integrity of pipework, pipelines, storage tanks, boilers and pressure vessels.

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TWI offers software for welding documentation, structural integrity assessment and risk-based maintenance.

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