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TWI North America - Research & Development

An R&D project is frequently the best way forward when companies want to develop new information or improved understanding. The benefits of short-term development work or a longer-term R&D programme can include increased product and structural reliability, greater manufacturing efficiency and enhanced profitability. Teams of specialists at TWI carry out confidential R&D projects for industry.

Types of Project

Core research

Funded by technology access fees from Industrial Members, to develop a knowledge and skills base for transfer into industry.

Single client

Funded by one Industrial Member company for their sole benefit and strictly confidential.

Joint industry 

Funded by a number of Industrial member companies, usually to address the pre-competitive needs of a particular industry sector.

Public funded projects

Collaborative projects supported by national governments or international consortia and undertaken in collaboration with industry.

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Looking for Training?

TWI specializes in training and examinations (standard, advanced and bespoke), Research and Development, failure investigations, non-destructive testing and manufacturing support.

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