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TWI North America
TWI North America - Failure Analysis

With over 50 years of troubleshooting expertise and thousands of successful investigations, TWI has a long and distinguished history in determining the mechanisms and root causes of some of industry's most costly and dramatic failures.

TWI can help remediate the impact of a failure by:

  • Interpretation of the failure location and service data, including on-site review
  • Examining the parts and determining the failure mechanism(s)
  • Root cause analysis, including design, fabrication, transportation, installation and service
  • Simulation of the service conditions to establish critical parameters at which failure will occur
  • Definition of safe conditions for remaining intact components
  • Establishing a non-destructive evaluation strategy for remaining components
  • Remedial advice for avoidance of further failures, including design and fabrication review for replacement components and mitigation strategies for existing components.

We provide:

  • Expert, multidisciplinary interpretation of data
  • Failure mode characterisation by light optical and scanning electron microscopy
  • Microstructure and defect characterisation, with a particular strength in weld microstructures
  • Stress analysis and numerical modelling, including welding residual stress
  • Fracture analysis
  • Expert knowledge of microstructure-property relationships, including the influences of welding and manufacturing processes
  • Development of non-standard test methods to produce new microstructure-property relationships where existing data are inadequate to ensure future fitness-for-purpose
  • Contribution to root cause investigations
  • Expert witness services in a wide range of disciplines, including welding, metallurgy, corrosion, fracture mechanics, fatigue, asset integrity management and non-destructive examination

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TWI specializes in training and examinations (standard, advanced and bespoke), research and development, failure investigations, non-destructive testing and manufacturing support.

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